SAC Bros. Company

Hello from SAC Bros!

We are SAC Bros. Company formed by 2 childhood friends from Osaka.

We started up by establishing our studio in Iga-shi (Mie pref.) and office in Tokyo in 2019 and are aiming to offer "Hygge life" to people all over the world through our works. 

Our service
  1. Selling ceramics 

  2. Selling photos

  3. Running Youtube and social media

Who are SAC Bros.?
Potter: Motoman

Self named "Yakinchu", the burner.

More than 100 times of firing pottery, which means spending a whole year firing woods in kiln.

Moved to Mie prefecture in order to build his own kiln.

Photographer: Enken

Landscape photographer. Huge fan of Kawasaki Frontale and Hanshin Tigers.

Our aims

Suggesting "Hygge life".

Hygge is a word from Denmark where is on the high place of World happiness ranking every year, which means cosy lifestyle. 


We define our Hygge life by the below 4 points and show our products.

  1. Lifestyle with quality goods by cherishing and using them long

  2. Lifestyle to make cosy atmosphere 

  3. Lifestyle to value the times with family and friends 

  4. Lifestyle to be in the nature and relax


There are many choices and convenient services in Japan, but we take the lifestyle as human and daily happiness as Hygge life, and brush up our products.

How we came from?

We met each other in kindergarten in Osaka, spent lots of time together, and now we have our families. Potter Motoman creates pottery in our studio in Iga-shi (Mie pref.) and photographer Enken runs our sales office in Tokyo.


Profile of Motoman
Established SAC Bros. Company with Enken in 2019

Moved to Shimagahara, Iga-shi, Mie to build electric kiln and kerosene kiln in 2017

Awarded chairperson of a city council at the 64th Kishiwada-shi exhibition in 2013

Learnt firewood kiln and gained more experiences and knowledges in many kilns in 2011

Became an independent potte in 2009

Set up a group studio with electric kiln in Kawachinagano-shi, Osaka in 2006

Graduated from Osaka University of Arts in 2003

Born in Osaka in 1980

Our studio

Here is our studio which is also used as home, and it is in Iga-shi, Mie where is famous for Iga-yaki pottery. In a small village where we can work in the nature with feeling seasons.

It has 3 houses, the one is main house for living, another is for studio and the other is storage (which is planned to remake to exhibition in the future).

It is said that the main house was built around 150 years ago and we ourselves renovated it in 3 years (you can see the renovation more detailed in our blog).

We will keep the renovation. We have pottery equipment like potter’s wheel, electric kiln, and kerosene kiln.

All of our pottery are hand made in this studio.

In the last 15 years, we have been taking a step forward consistently by funding, capital investment, brushing up our style and thoughts through daily works,  exhibitions, sales and meeting with many people.

The reason we decided to move to Iga-shi from my home town is to want to create something special with firewood kiln. Hereby I want to explain the difference between firewood kiln and electric kiln /kerosene kiln.

2013-05-14 16.27.01.jpg

Attracted by firewood kiln "WORKS #1"

Iga-yaki origins are believed to date to Azuchi–Momoyama period (AD 1568 – 1600), and one of Japanese national crafts.


Mixture of soil in Iga and fire kiln creates its most unique character with the natural glaze so called glass because ash from firewood flies (generally 72 hours) and is put on the surface on pottery. In addition, pottery fired with firewood makes itself one and only.

Electric kiln and kerosene kiln are good for mass production in same design and quality.

Firewood kiln is not good for making many pottery in completely same, especially in Iga-yaki style as pottery is fired on high. But it creates unique character and we are attracted so much.

The road to accomplish our production is rather challenging and required our patience, but it leads us to the one and only works. 

WORKS #1 we are selling is the crafts like it.