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Before order : Please read before ordering

All of our products are hand made, thus every each items never become same and are very unique. Also they might be looked different depending on devices and monitors you see them on. We hope that you enjoy the each character of our products you will have as your own ones by encountering the miracle of our intention and the natural phenomena on them. For this point of view, if you would like to have completely same items, ours might be not for your aim. Firewood kiln items might leak because of their large particles. Water stopping treatments must be on them. Please let us know if water leaks just after your purchase. Our business hours : Monday – Friday, except Japanese holidays. Delivering days count only our business hours, exclude weekends or holidays.

Before order : Purchase, shipping, and maintenance

Please read Before order : Please read before ordering You can not have the products in gift wrapping service now. Shipping cost is 990 Japanese yen in Japan (except Okinawa and some islands), and free when the total price is more than 30,000 Japanese yen. Shipping cost is 1,500 Japanese yen in Asia.
The delivery fee depends on the country/region of residence. Please see another page. Please read Before order : Payment If we have stocks, delivering starts in 5 working days after your purchase. For made-to-order and custom made products, it takes 1-3 months from receiving the order to start delivering. Please make sure the products don’t have problems when they are arrived to you. Please refer Maintenance

Before order : Shipping cost

All shipping costs include consumption tax. Shipping cost is 990 Japanese yen in Japan (except Okinawa and some islands Shipping cost to Okinawa and some islands needs additional 880 Japanese yen to above. (We will contact you about this fee after your purchase) Free shipping when the total price of purchase is more than 30.000 Japanese yen. Shipping cost is 2,000 Japanese yen in Aisa.

Before order : Wrapping

We are not accepting the wrapping service for business reasons. Please note this in advance.

Before order : Payment

We accept : Credit card Paypal Unfortunately, we are not able to accept the payment through convenience stores, Cash on delivery, Bank transfer. Credit card VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Credit number of payments : one-time payment Via high security payment system

Product : Made to order , Custom made,  bulk order

We happily meet your will of made to order, custom made or bulk order, please send us an email with the below inforamtion: For companies, please be sure to contact us from another page. -Order example-
① Diameter, height
② Shape image (Item Number)
③ Number
④ Budget
⑤ Request image photo etc.
(In the case of ordering, we will basically leave it to you, but we will use it for the image of the work)
⑥Where did you get to know about us -Flower pot order-
① Diameter, height
② Inner diameter (diameter, height)
③ Shape (Item Number or cylindrical shape, funnel shape, wide mouth, etc.)
④ Presence or absence of bottom drainage hole
⑤ Number
⑥ Budget
⑦ Request image photo etc.
(In the case of ordering, we will basically leave it to you, but we will use it for the image of the work)
⑧Where did you get to know about us Please send to us, "sacbroscompany@gmail.com" We will send you a quotation after you request. These products are to be specially for your order, thus the cancellation can not be accepted after ordering. We charge an order-made fee for each product. Estimated time it takes is normally 1-3 months, but it is depended on the timing. Firewood kiln items need more time. All of our products are hand made. Every each items never become same and are very unique.

Product : Stock, restock, out of stock, new item

Our items online are 1-item stock. Some of them have some stocks if it is written in the information. No more stock than the number in the information. Some of them will be less coming in restock in case they take longer time or are difficult to reproduce. Please send us email for your special request. Restock and upcoming items will be informed on SNS, our website and blog. Our products are also sold on other websites and events, it might be happened that time lag on the information of stock of our items online and real stock. We will contact you if your purchase has been sold in other channel.

Product : Right of cancellation

Customers only cancel the purchase in case of: 1. wrong items being delivered 2.not right condition of item 3.damage while delivering 1, Deadline The deadline for cancellation is 3 days from the day item is delivered. In order to exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform us in 3 days after delivery and send it back to us in 7 days. We do not accept any cancellation after 8 days from delivery. 2, Shipping cost of returning item Shipping cost to return item due to the above is on us. 3, Alternative item It might be impossible or takes long time to make the same item again because of the unique character on each by full hand made. In case of that, you can choose from refund, other item in the same price or custom made. We do not accept customer requests for returns or exchanges.

Shipping : No email from us after purchase

Please make sure your email setting to receive new/automatic/unknown message, and send us message to "sacbroscompany@gmail.com".

Product : Cancellation (in case of customer's convenience)

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we basically do not accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges due to the customer's circumstances. Please consider carefully before purchasing. In addition, we do not accept cancellation of made-to-order products after ordering. ​Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Shipping : About shipping products

If we have stock, your item is to be shipped in 5 working days after your purchase(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are closed.). If no specific date or time to be delivered, your item will be shipped on the next working day without scheduled delivery. To some places, scheduled deliver can not be ordered. In case of item being out of stock or by custom made, it takes 1-3 months.

Shipping : Combine shipping

Additional item can be combined and shipped in same box if the previous order is shipped, estimated date you can add to send in a same box is until 8 a.m. on the next day of the previous purchase. If you prefer combine your items purchased on the different timings, please refer it and order number of your previous purchase on remarks, otherwise they are to be shipped separately with shipping costs on each. Only purchase with credit card can be applied for combine shipping.

Shipping : Reservation

No reservation is available on our shopping system but we try our best to meet your plan to receive your item. Please ask us for further request to reserve item before purchase.

Maintenance : Care

For lifelong use, please fill your item before using and dry it completely after washing. You can learn how to fill your item in its article on the same web site here. Porcelain has nor water absorption and no special care is required. Pottery can be used in microwave to warm its content up, but please be careful not to make it hot and we recommend refraining from using microwave as rapid temperature change may damage pottery. Black Gold pottery ”Kurogane” contains metal, please do not use microwave. We do recommend refraining from dishwasher. Our products become more characteristic as they are used.

Maintenance : Filling

Filling make your item live longer. It is not necessary to use pottery but if you want to keep quality long we recommend it because pottery is changing their look and character as it is used by the contents are absorbed in invisible holes on the surface of pottery. We call that change "Aji" in Japanese which is translated “taste”, the special unique character only history can make. “I don’t fill my plates when use them for the first, why your pottery is needed?” It is because of a difference between pottery and porcelain. Most of our products are pottery and many of plates you find in other stores in general are porcelain. Pottery is made by clay and fired at low temperature, and it creates pottery’s warm impression texture besides being not as hard as porcelain. Porcelain is made by stones and fired at high temperature. Particles of stones for porcelain are finer than the ones of clay for pottery and it creates smooth touch of porcelain. It hardly absorb fluid and generally will not keep smell or stains from contents, thus filling is not needed for porcelain. How to fill pottery 1 Boiling Pour rice water to cover your pottery and boil it on low for 15-20 minutes. If you do not have rice water, put some rice into pure water instead. If you do not have rice, 1 table spoon of flour or potato starch can be replaced. 2 Drying Stop heating after boiling, and leave the pot with your pottery in the water until it becomes cold. Rinse your pottery with water and dry.

Maintenance : Your own pottery

People enjoy changes of pottery happening as it is used by getting aged down for generations. We call the changes in Japanese to cultivate the pottery. It is said that the more characters by the changes you can see on pottery the more you use. These new characters besides spots, blurs, uneven glazes, shading, distortions, crazing created by process of handmade make the pottery very your own and this is what we are aiming for. Please use your item everyday scenes, and enjoy Hygge moments with it. Please also refer the article about crazing.

Maintenance : Microwaves

Pottery can be used in microwave to warm its content up, but please be careful not to make it hot and we recommend refraining from using microwave as rapid temperature change may damage pottery. Black Gold(Kurogane)pottery contains metal, please do not use microwave.

Maintenance : Dishwashers

We recommend handwashing and refraining from using dishwashers for our pottery. Porcelain can be washed by dishwashers.

Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Provider and business name SAC Bros.Company Co-representative: Motomasa Tanaka,and Kenji Endo Address Studio : 1669 Shimagahara, Ise-shi, Mie zip 519-1711 Office: 7-17-30-301, Kamikodanaka, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa zip 211-0053 Phone number and email address +81-90-6820-7914 (Office) sacbroscompany@gmail.com Price of products All the prices are with consumption tax. Please refer above for more details. Incidental costs All the prices are not with shipping and wrapping costs. Please refer above for more details. Payment timing and method Via credit cards and PayPaly. Please refer above for more details. Delivery Your purchase is to be shipped in 5 working days after the order completed(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are closed). Special requests or custom made is to be in 1-3 months. Please refer above for more details. Cancellation Cancellation is not accepted except damages on your purchase. Please refer above for more details.

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