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SAC Bros. Company

Order Form to SAC Bros. Company






・Works より商品をお選び頂き、商品番号または具体的なご要望商品をご覧ください。








・Thank you for following us on Instagram and your inquiry.

・We have received many orders. We would appreciate it if you could write your request as simply and easily as possible. 

・Please complete the form below and submit it. At a later date, the person in charge will reply by email or DM.

・For communication, we will contact you by e-mail instead or DM of by phone.

・Wholesale price, retail price, made to order fee, system fee and shipping cost will be handled individually by us.

・Please note that we place importance on the retail price and cooperate with our customers.

・The minimum lot for companies is 100,000 yen (tax excluded, we need VAT 10%) per order.

・Payment is pre-paid after the order is completed. We do not accept cancellations or changes.

・It takes about 1-3 months to ship the products after payment is completed.
・Now, we do not accept requests for ordering plant pots for companies in Japan due to business reasons. 

 (We accept order-made orders from Japan to general customers.)

Thank you for your message!

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